Digital Media: My Journey

From this point on I will be posting articles about my experience as a Digital Media major at the University of Houston. I’m currently in my junior year and I graduate May 2018 with my Bachelor of Science.

To learn a little about what Digital Media is, watch this video to understand exactly what it is:

We also have emphasis areas that we focus and mine is eMedia. Here is their description of what eMedia entails:

Electronic content distribution started with the invention of the Internet and later became popular with adaptation of smart phones and tablets. The eMedia area of emphasis prepares students to develop and maintain websites; plan and create electronic publishing pieces for e-readers, tablets, emails, and the Internet; and produce extensive communication pieces to deliver through several media channels. To learn more about eMedia, visit the International Digital Publishing Forum. To see current jobs available in eMedia in the Houston area, type “digital publishing” in the “what” field and “Houston, TX” in the “where” field on indeed.

Why am I majoring in Digital Media?

As you may already know, I am a graphic designer. I have been designing since about 2009. I started off with designing business cards and flyers and other computer-based designs. From then on I have designed all kinds of things and that is why I started my own freelance graphic design business.

But, anyway, why am I majoring in digital media with a BS? Aren’t I in the arts. Shouldn’t I have a BA? For me, no. I would be wasting my money and time honestly. I can continue to learn graphic design and web design on my own time (and also for free in most cases). I Thank God I was introduced to Digital Media in high school. This program is not about art or graphic design. In fact, we only have one graphic design class! But of course, a lot of our work has much graphic design skills in it and the professional Adobe CC programs we use as well.

Digital Media focuses on how to communicate a message to the audience you intend to reach.  Here is a quote from the video that Dr. Waite illustrates it better. BTW, he repeats this very often in his lectures and it is now drilled into our heads:

We’re in the business of getting the right message to the right person at the right time with the right media.

I will explain this further in another post but it is very important for us as designers to understand and implement this into our client’s work and our own businesses. It is also important for business owners to understand as well. We all as business owners have messages to get across to our target audiences. As Dr. Waite has told us before, if you can complete that whole sentence with your message, you have succeeded; If not, then you have failed. It’s really just that simple. But I also know I am not perfect. That’s why I am here and I am sure I have failed plenty of times with some of my design work. They may have looked nice but was it the right message? Did the right person receive it? Was it in time? And, was it the correct media?


I may not be in the graphic design program here at UH but I think I may have hit the jackpot by being in the Digital Media program. If you are a freelance graphic designer and you would like to learn how to really get your business out there, this program is for you. If you want to learn graphic design, take some classes on it or even learn on YouTube for free. Overall, I am definitely excited about my journey!